1. blackcontemporaryart:

    Yinka Shonibare, MBE
    How To Blow Up Two Heads At Once (Gentlemen) – image Axel Schneider © MMK Frankfurt

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  3. darksilenceinsuburbia:

    Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou. Untitled (Vodou Series), 2011.

    Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou’s photographs of the people of Porto-Novo, Benin (formerly Republic of Dahomey) are drawn from street life, his friends, family and studio customers. Benin is all about colour – Porto Novo is like a visual assault.In Leonce’s impressive portraits, wild combinations of locally designed Dutch imported textiles create extreme gradations between background, foreground, person and clothing. Leonce is part of a generation experiencing rapid change and his photographs capture the energy and unfettered zest for life of a people caught between tradition and progress. 




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  4. 4chairchicks:

    Frank Morrison’s artwork.

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  5. blackcontemporaryart:

    Zemba Luzamba
    Born in 1973 in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa

  6. exhibition-ism:

    Dynamic portraits from Chilean Alvaro Tapia.

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    B Y E

    Am I allowed to tell this joke at parties??

    She is so satisfied with that joke.

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  8. fucktheflagandfuckyou:


    Oh u love ur mom? Name 3 of her albums

    1) I swear to fucking god I have to do everything in this house
    2) No it’s okay I’ll do it myself
    3) If I have to ask you one more time I’m gonna lose it

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  9. How I feel when my parents buy me groceries

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    If you like this list of life hacks, follow ListOfLifeHacks for more like it!

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    Also here’s a compilation of all things that will make horror fans squeal with delight

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    palau’s jellyfish lake was once connected to the pacific ocean, but when the sea level dropped its population of jellyfish were left to thrive in the isolation of its algae rich waters. no longer needing to defend themselves from predators, the jellyfish lost their sting, allowing snorkelers to now swim with them as they make their daily 800 metre migration from one end of the lake to the other.

    photos by (click pic) david kirkland, david doubilet, tomas kotoucjody macdonaldchean chong lim, eric changnadia aly and richard schneider  (see also: vancouver aquarium jellyfish)

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    I was just reading AOL is announcing “a new way to connect with each other” in a couple days and I THINK AIM MIGHT BE COMING BACK AS AN APP! What do YOU think?


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    american horror story: asylum

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